Representing your local community

Our role, Our Commitment and supported projects

Our role - The Royal Burgh of Cupar and District Community Council has statutory consultee status and represents the Town of Cupar, and the villages of Cuparmuir and Foodieash.  The community council is made up from members of the public who have an interest in the wellbeing of their community.  Community Councilors are volunteers and serve for a period of up to 4 years.  Cupar elects 18 community councillors and the next elections are scheduled for October 2022. 


Our commitment - each community councilor volunteers to work for the benefit of our town and villages seeking to represent their views, aspirations and concerns where appropriate.  The community council will meet on a monthly basis (excluding July/December) at which all meetings are open to the public.  The community council shall liaise with other groups and organisations in the wider community and may co-opt representatives from such as appropriate.  In seeking to represent community interests, care will be taken to reflect the views of the whole community and to achieve this we will be guided by good practice such as the Standards for Community Engagement.  The community council responds to development and planning applications as a statutory consultee.


Supported Projects - we currently are active in supporting the following community projects:

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